Thermal Spa

The Spa at St Sidwell's Point brings together the elements of earth, fire, air and water to create a united and tranquil experience that supports the balance of mind & body.

Thermal Spa

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Members of ‘The Spa' full membership can enjoy access for free as part of their membership.

Pay-as-you-go customers can enjoy use of the facilities for £35 for a 3 hour visit. 

All sessions must be booked in advance via the booking system.

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Bring deep relaxation to your body, with our Sauna at St Sidwell's Point Spa. Relieve stress, reduce tension in your joints and muscles, improve blood circulation, flush toxins away and cleanse the skin. 

The sauna conditions of 80-90°C and a relative humidity between 20-30% create an environment that brings relaxation to your body, relieves stress and can induce a deeper sleep. It also reduces tension in the joints and relieves sore muscles, improves blood circulation, it might even help with chronic pain and arthritis. It flushes toxins away via sweating process and cleanses the skin.

Hydro Spa Pool

Heated to a temperature of around 33-36°C, you can plunge in to the gentle warmth of the Hydro Pool. Slightly warmer than a swimming pool, the soothing heat will relax any muscle tension and gently heat the body. The built-in massage jets can stimulate the lymphatic system, ease muscle pain, and improve circulation.
The hydro pool is designed to ease stress and anxiety, aid with muscle recovery, and boost overall wellness. Book a Thermal Spa experience to discover the benefits of water therapy for yourself.

Stone Loungers

Take your place on our beautifully contoured loungers, and sink into relaxation, melting away any muscular tension whilst heat brings harmony to your entire being. Pure bliss!

Monsoon & Bucket Shower

The monsoon shower makes you feel like you are taking on a multi-sensory journey towards the body and mind purification.

It's the perfect way to cool down or rinse off between heat treatments, offering either tropical warmth [55-60°C] accompanied by soothing red lights or “arctic” cool, bracing rain forest shower [5-20°C] supplemented by calming blue lights at the push of a button.

Or you could jump underneath the bucket shower to cool down or rinse off between heat treatments. So exhilarating!

Salt Vapour Room

The salt vapour room is a further enhancement of the steam room. It has a typical operating temperature normally in the region of 40 to 45°C with virtually 100% humidity. The beneficial quality of the “softer” heat and increased humidity is augmented by the introduction of saltwater mist, which emits negative ions to help alleviate respiratory and sinus problems, bring relief from asthma, bronchitis, and seasonal allergies.


A great way to melt away stress and tension is to visit to our Sanarium, a modern interpretation of the way the Romans liked to commence their bathing sessions. Here's all you need to know about your new favourite way to relax:

- Operating at a temperature not exceeding 50°C, the heat is less severe than the sauna.
- With humidity around 30 to 40% RH, conditions are achieved which can provide the benefits of both sauna and steam, for those who prefer their bathing experiences in a less demanding environment.
- Balanced humidity and temperature create an ideal environment for your body to relax and destress, and heats the body slowly with additional moisture benefits.
- Helps to open the pores and release toxins and congestion.
- Increases blood flow and improves the circulation providing relief from muscular tensions, aches and pains.
- A Sanarium is highly recommended for those who find a traditional sauna too hot, the cooler temperature offers the perfect relaxing experience.
- Aromas are introduced into the Sanarium to further enhance that bathing experience.

Foot Spa

Treat your feet to the ultimate comfort with our heated foot spas that will leave you feeling like you're walking on air!

It allows the body to adjust naturally to temperature change but also provides it with health benefits such as:
- Improved blood circulation
- Reduced effects of anxiety and encourages better sleep
- Reduced edema during pregnancy
- Boosted energy levels




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