Swimming is a great all-round exercise, working almost every muscle in your body without putting stress on your joints. If you didn’t know already, St Sidwell’s Point features three pools!


Swim Timetable

Customer Notice: During busy periods we operate in 1.5hr swim sessions controlled by a banded system.

Competition Pool

The traditional 8-lane, 25m pool at St Sidwell's Point features a moveable bottom so we can adjust the depth of the water, making this the perfect space for swimming or family fun!

The passivhaus design and efficient ventilation system means the hall will always be nice and warm without any nasty cold draughts.

Learner Pool

The 20m, 4-lane learner pool features a fully moveable floor, which means that the pool can also accommodate lane swimming and family sessions too!

Confidence Splash Pool

Help your child to develop water confidence at St Sidwell's Point! When you and your child are ready for the first big day out at the pool, our confidence pool provides the perfect place for your little ones to take their first strokes.

Situated next to our learner pool, it features a small slide, gradually sloping in depth (0m to 0.12m), interactive feature lighting and bubble seating area where they can happily splash around to their hearts content.

There is no physical barrier between the confidence pool and the teaching pool meaning your little one can gradually transition to that pool in their own time with a helping hand!

Water Quality

Once you enter the pool, the water will feel surprisingly fresh! You'll be struck by the fact that there is no overpowering smell of chlorine and that you eyes are not stinging. This is thanks to our state of the art filtration system.

St Sidwell's is the first pool in this country to feature this. The system features a series of ceramic discs that are so small, they shred and trap bacteria as they are forced through the filter. This trapped contaminates are then routinely flushed down the drain.

As an extra measure, the filtered water travels through an Ultraviolet UV filter and has a small amount of disinfectant added before returning to the pool, clean and fresh!

Of course the water meets all the requirements you would expect and is tested at a micro-biological lab every month by Environmental Health teams to ensure it is safe.


Both our pools feature a number of options for entry, enabling everyone to enjoy their swimming experience with dignity.

  • Ladder Steps
  • Sloping Steps & Handrail
  • Platform Lift

There are also accessible changing areas, toilets and showers in the changing village space which feature a 'roommate' system for visually impaired users.

A 'changing places' room with a ceiling hoist is also located in the changing village. Banks of accessible lockers are readily available.

The centre has a lift so getting down to the pools on the lower level is a breeze.

If you’ve ever wondered why most pools feel chilly, it’s usually because the buildings have a lot of cold draughts that cools wet skin very quickly.

St Sidwell’s Point is built to Passivhaus standards these draughts are eliminated… It’s effectively an airtight box! In fact air loss is less than the surface area of a swimming float… for the whole building!

Don’t worry that this will make the pool feel stuffy, the high tech ventilation system efficiently removes stale air from the building, transferring its heat to the newly introduced filtered, fresh air giving you a warm, fresh environment… think warm tropical beach on a still day… without the sand getting everywhere!

The next thing that will strike you is how quiet it is! The triple glazing, acoustic baffling and gorgeous solid wood beams and finishes create a calm space to enjoy your swim.



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  • We have implemented an intensive cleaning schedule for all contact surfaces